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Special Russian Girls. What is their secret?

Why marriage and dating agencies that are helping to get married Russian brides abroad thrive for many years? What are the characteristics of the Slav women are the most appreciated by Western men? What's special about them?

Russia is a "female" country according to scientific research of intercultural communication. It means a system of values ​​prevailing in the society. The so-called "male" qualities are competition, appraisal, ambition and saving material wealth. At the same time for the "female" culture the relationship between people and the quality of life are on the first place. That explains a lot in Russia - why Russian women are so caring, why do they support men, why are they so kind and why do they have very developed maternal instincts? All these factors along with femininity and beauty attract western men.

All these external and internal qualities can describe any other Slav woman. But Russian girls have something that distinguishes them from all Slav sisters, and even from the closest "relatives" - Ukrainian women.

Russian women have the power In all the senses of the word. The most often quoted and loved by the people a description of Russian woman is "she can stop a galloping horse, / and will enter the burning hut ..." - from the famous poem of Nekrasov "There are women in Russian villages."

Their strength is in their patience, the ability to forgive, in the struggle for the survival of themselves and their families, to stay beautiful despite all the hardships of the life. But most of all their strength is in the fact that they ... show their weakness, especially in relations with men.

Being able to stay strong in some situations, they are absolutely weak in others.
While Western women apparently refuse to accept a feminine basis and reject a masculine one in the opposite side, Russian ladies cultivate their femininity.

In addition to the strength and beauty most Russian women are well-educated and hard-working. The Literacy and education level of Russia's population (142 million people) is relatively high, mainly due to the Soviet system of education. About 92% of Russians have high school diplomas, and 15% have college education (university or higher).
Russian women had not really fought for their rights - the government has always been clear that the women is power, and they have been received more rights than their Western sisters.
But above all the wonderful features which are absolutely useless without the most important one in human values ​​- spirituality.

Russian spirituality differs from the Eastern or European. Due to the complete prohibition of religion in the Soviet times, people became free from ritualism and religious traditions. In the absence of churches / temples / mosques people were looking for God first of all in their hearts. Again, Russian spirituality is very "female"; real compassion and forgiveness have always lived here.

"The attitude to the female beauty and femininity in the Christian West has a long history. A woman has never been a perfect creation of God. Furthermore, for centuries the priests preached a woman as evil, as sharp thorn in the victorious path of the men. This disrespectful attitude to womanhood has borne the feminist movement in the XX century with millions of Western women in a desperate thirst for love and worship ... ".

Obviously, it did not affect the Russian woman; she maintained her physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual essence.
What you might not find in a Russian woman is a key spurting joy, fun, hot temperament.
Instead of this she has a lyricism, mystery, deep love and compassion, kindness and ability to devote herself to everything what is important for her. And also- Russian eyes: open, honest and a little bit melancholic. Her eyes reflect the eternal struggle between the mind of the West and the soul of the East.

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